Why Choose us

When Ana meets with clients, she receives information that the client needs in that particular moment in time for their healing.  The information she channels helps them to know what areas of their lives have created sticking points and where negative energy has accumulated. Ana might be able to clear some of the negative energy and in some cases, all of the negative energy and give information that a client can then integrate into their lives.  Sometimes, this is all a client might need though this is rarely the case.

Most clients will require more than energy healing and information. The root cause of a clients’ state of being is often due to past and/or current mental, emotional, or relationship issues. This is where Lisa’s work as a therapist applies. Utilizing the channeled information and building on the energy healing, Lisa will help the client zone in to the specific areas to be addressed, whether this means resolving past traumas or giving clients tools to implement into their daily life. 

Ana and Lisa are always collaborating with each other on the progress of each client. This allows them to guide each individual on what they believe to be the best path to healing through the combination of the specific skills they offer. Through this process, clients are able to heal and reach their highest potential faster than simply utilizing therapy or working with energy healers individually.

EAL Employs the services of third party vendors and independent contractors as part of our team approach to best serve our clients.




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