If you are ready to explore the most powerful aspect of your being and feel the call to serve humanity, this is the experience for you. Embrace the unique gifts that your soul is here to share. Learn to be confident in who and what you are, and what you can do. You are a lightworker who must rise to be a beacon of light, love, and change for others to follow. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?
To be successful, you must be dedicated and committed to hard work, including your own healing. Your healing is necessary for you to show up in this world as powerfully as possible. By completion, your investment in you will more than pay off. You will have a working mastery of your gifts, knowledge of Metaphysics, Psychology, Spirituality, and the interpersonal coaching skills necessary to create change with your clients. You will also receive a fundamental understanding of what it takes to market yourself and the business aspects of earning money for your services i.e. to be an entrepreneur. Yes, you are a lightworker here to serve, but you also live in a physical world and deserve to receive the fruits of your labor.
This is a three part program that builds on itself. You will receive a certification of completion after successfully passing an exam for each level. To graduate as a Certified Lightworker Coach, you will need to complete all three levels and pass a final comprehensive exam.

What the Program Includes


  • Learning the laws of Spirituality
  • Incorporating Spiritual Laws for healing
  • Recognize your clients’ gifts through spirituality

Metaphysical Practices

  • Channeling
  • Automatic writing
  • Empath skills
  • Pendulum dowsing
  • Working with the Universal Living Energy
  • Developing Intuition
  • Light language


  • Key understanding of certain Psychology Theories to learn what motivates clients for change.
  • Recognize your clients’ gifts through Psychology


  • Knowledge of Astrology to understand clients’ challenges as well as their life’s purpose.
  • Recognize your clients’ gifts through Astrology


  • Identify and heal from your emotional wounds
  • Remove limiting beliefs that hinder your success

Coaching Skills

  • Create a safe and supportive space for change
  • Develop rapport and connection with clients
  • Learn and develop the keys to effective communication
  • Handle resistant or difficult clients
  • Know when to refer to another professional

Practical Experience

  • Opportunity to shadow Ana and Lisa
  • Practice on your own clients under supervision
  • Develop and teach a free class at EAL

Basic Business Fundamentals

  • How to market yourself on social media (website, facebook etc.)
  • Protect yourself legally
  • Valuing your Services
  • Finances & Accounting
  • Paperwork

Money in Your Pocket

  • The program is designed so that your practical experience can earn back at least half of your investment while still training.


To leave with confidence through validation and feedback from clients and everyone else in the program who will be supporting you.

Level One – Trying on a new style

This level dives into the knowledge of the various modalities. You will not only learn but more importantly, begin to integrate the lessons into practical application to your own healing. You will be introduced to the metaphysical world to begin or continue to develop your abilities and skills by practicing with each other. This will allow you to feel what your clients might likewise experience through your time with them. Finally, you will begin to create a list of your potential clients to work with for the next level.

Level Two – Getting used to your new style

The deep self-work continues as you begin to experience changes from level one. Think of this work as peeling off the layers of an onion to get to the core where everything begins. You will shadow Ana and Lisa to develop your own style and skills. Hone in on using your specific gifts by working with your own paying clients under supervision. On the less fun side of the business part, you’ll begin developing your business ideas, including valuing your services, networking, use of social media etc. Lastly, you will begin to create a free class to teach at EAL for a different kind of experience as well as exposure to help with your marketing efforts.

Level Three – Not even noticing that you are rocking the new style

Self-work continues. Dare we say, it never ends! You will continue to shadow Ana, but at this level, you will be primarily working with clients under supervision. You will continue your business development by creating a presence on social media that you are comfortable with while networking to expand your potential client base. The grand finale of level three is teaching a free class at EAL as part of your coaching certification. Don’t worry. You will have LOTS of support and you will get to practice psychology on yourself to overcome any fears!

The money investment into you:

Assuming 60 client sessions over the last 6 months at $50/session (2-3 clients/month), you will have the potential to earn $3000 by the end of the apprenticeship.

The time investment just for you:

  • 9 months
  • 2 full days per month (Day and times to be determined based on group)
  • 1 group call per week (google hangouts)
  • 1 personal call per week (google hangouts)