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Mental health crisis or spiritual awakening | Webinar | CEUs Available

May 29 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

$25 – $45

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Do you know that a spiritual awakening frequently mimics a mental health crisis? It’s crucial to know the difference as the treatment implemented can be either extremely helpful or detrimental. This webinar is to bring awareness to what an awakening really looks like and how psychotherapy can be helpful with the right understanding and tools.

By the end of the class, you will learn of the mental health symptoms of a spiritual awakening and how you can distinguish between a mental health “crisis” from a spiritual awakening, despite the common experiences of depression and anxiety. You will also be introduced to the type of therapeutic work that will be needed and how that relates to a spiritual path. Lastly, you will leave with knowledge of different modalities to consider to promote faster “healing.”

CEUs:  This course is approved for 2 hours of CEUs by the Continuing Education Institute of Illinois. Cost for CEUs is an additional $20 see drop menu. 

About the teachers

About Lisa: When you find yourself in a constant fog of disharmony, it often takes someone to remind you that the sun still shines on the other side. In a safe, supportive and enriching environment, Lisa helps clear the fog to illuminate what may lie ahead, what used to be, and what’s now. In the now, you can experience your greatest transformation and healing. Journeying alongside you, Lisa will help you find freedom, clarity and purpose so that you can experience true joy and fulfillment in your life.

Lisa Aranas, JD, LCPC, is a Life Coach and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She is also a certified divorce and custody mediator, personal trainer, and holistic nutritionist. For the past 20 years,she has devoted herself to doing what she loves best—bringing harmony and happiness to anyone whose life she can touch. 

About the teacherAbout Ana: Ana is a visionary who has known from a young age that her mission was to help others awaken to their purpose in life and to share all her knowledge and wisdom with humanity. At age 5, she began channeling Spirit Guides who showed her how to work with energy. Throughout the years, Ana expanded her knowledge through study and practice. Her quest for her own spiritual growth introduced her to the spiritual wisdoms of Kabbalah and Buddhism. She continues to be guided by the Universal Spiritual laws of these philosophies.

Channeling Spirit Guides, Ana receives timely messages for the next step in your soul’s growth. As a spiritual coach and guided by her intuition and channeled information, she decodes the messages, revealing the logic behind the random, the gain behind the loss, and a possible future yet to come. She teaches you how to rise above the physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges, to see the bigger picture and to connect with your higher self.

With her gift of energy healing, Ana releases low vibration energy that has become cogs in your body from a lifetime accumulation of negative experiences. Opening the flow can relieve you from physical, mental, or emotional burdens, allowing for a new energy of lightness, openness, and freedom. 


May 29
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
$25 – $45


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