erin suess

Erin is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who holds two master’s degrees in Counseling and Organizational Management. She is also a life/career coach whose style is empowering with a warm, compassionate intuitive nature. Erin approaches therapy with a desire to help others become and express their most authentic selves. She believes you have within you an innate ability to heal, feel whole, and reclaim your true self. Erin also believes many go about life in an unconscious, or semi-conscious way—on autopilot so to speak—and the pain experienced stems from this disconnect of living a life that’s based on habitual thinking rather than from conscious intentions. When you allow yourself the opportunity to go inward, to get in tune with your emotions, and uncover/feel the wounds, she believes you can heal and awaken to the greatest fullness of who you truly are.


From a holistic approach, Erin believes in treating the whole person. Honoring the mind, body, and spirit can lead to greater self-awareness and help you understand that you are more powerful than the sum of what you are battling. Through mindfulness and a deeper connection with yourself, you can create meaningful and lasting change.


Erin creates a space that allows you to do the hard work of healing, growth and change. She is an empathetic listener and fosters a collaborative dialogue and relationship. Her development as a therapist is shaped by over 20+ years of partnering with individuals in their journey of self-discovery unlocking their full potential for self-growth and personal/professional success.


In her free time, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and is busy keeping up with the sports/activity demands among her three children. She loves being outdoors, has a love of photography, and enjoys spending time behind the lens shooting and creating whenever she gets a chance.

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