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 Ana has had the ability to communicate with spiritual guides from a very early age. These guides and the universe taught her how to work with energy for healing. She also received the gift of being able to channel information from the universe and her guides to know what is specifically needed for her clients’ energy, body spirit healing, and their meaning in life. Trained in yoga and reiki level 3, and as a high vibrational energy healer she is able to balance the chakras thus allowing the body to heal itself. By removing energetic blockages that have accumulated in the body from negative life experiences, you create a positive vibration. This allows doorways to open, freeing you to be your most powerful and authentic self.

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When I was 16, my friend had a horrible migraine.  The only thing I remember from that time was a feeling of “I want to make a difference.”  For some reason, I was moved to place my hands on his head and two minutes later, his migraine was gone.  My friend and I were both shocked with this result. I remember wondering if there was a switch that I could turn on my “healing powers” forever. This is how my journey to become an energy healer began and, yes, I finally did find the switch!

Today, supported by my spiritual guides, I am able to channel healing energy from the universe for exactly what each and every client needs in that moment.

Looking back on how many people I have had the honor of helping, my heart is filled with gratitude.  There is no doubt that my purpose in life is to continue helping anyone who knocks on my door.  My wish is that anyone who needs healing will find their way to me, or I will find my way to them.

There is no greater mission for me than using my gifts as an energy healer to help release you from negative energy that may be getting in the way of you living your best life.

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What qualifies me to be your spiritual coach?

As a child, I grew up with an alcoholic and gambler.  I was subjected to emotional, mental, and physical abuse.  I felt like I was nothing and a nobody.  As a teen, I was sexually abused and even into my early 20s, I found myself in unhealthy relationships.  All of this to just feel loved and worthy.

At 24, and then again, at 30, I hit two major breaking points in my life.  I suffered from depression and anxiety.  With each breakdown, I reached deeper into the spiritual understanding of life and instead of being upset with God about why this was happening to me, I asked Him to help me to grow stronger.  I did.  Had it not been for each and every painful moment in my life, I would not be able to do what I do and be who I am today.  

Through the years, my spiritual guides have helped me to understand and integrate my life experiences, turning all of those difficult moments into spiritual growth.

I can now share this practical knowledge to help you on your spiritual journey.



The first time I saw my spiritual guide, I was only 4 years old.  Instead of taking naps, I was having conversations with guides.  They taught me how to feel my energy field and they reassured me that they would always be there for me (and they have). 

I receive information through visions and pictures.  I also experience what I channel for others.  This gift is what allows me to provide the information that a client needs for their healing or for their spiritual evolution. For example, I may be guided to have you address a particular situation in your past that you may not necessarily even remember, but in doing so, you will have the opportunity to release old negative energy.  This will allow you to heal emotionally.

If a client comes in with a physical complaint, my spiritual guides might point to the root cause of it for healing (usually an emotional block that has created negative energy).  While I might be able to help you get to the root cause of the physical ailment, please understand, however, that sometimes, you are meant to have the condition for a reason.  If this is the case, my spirit guides will help you to understand why you need to experience it.

Books i recommend

Beyond Past Lives – Mira Kelly

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Satan: An Autobiography – Yehuda Berg (It’s not a book about the devil.  Read it if you dare).

Chakra Healing – Margarita Alcantara

You’re A Bad Ass – Jen Sincero

Journey out of the Body – Robert Monroe

Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner’s Guide – Rosemarie Gladstar’s


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