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Lisa and Ana joined together because of their shared vision of bringing authentic happiness to anyone whose life they could touch. They combine their knowledge and skills of psychology, spiritual practices and energy work to identify and remove emotional blockages that are often at the root of mental and/or physical issues. Liberated from these emotional blocks, one is finally free to consciously create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful; to become your most authentic and best self.


 Hello friends, and welcome to a new generation of cards. We’re excited to present this new category called “Spiritual Working Cards.” The wisdom in these cards is not just ours. Ana was guided by her spiritual guides to create this unique system for spiritual growth.

Unlike Tarot or Oracle cards, this system provides a different approach to the healing of self, relationships, and humanity. There are five main categories: Spiritual Laws, Spirituality Applied, Energy, Constellations, and The Mind. By bridging Spirituality and Psychology, these cards give you multi-level, multifaceted, and comprehensive guidance for your soul’s intended path. Consider this deck as your personal spiritual teacher, guiding you as you advance from one level to the next.


Chronic Conditions

Stress related illnesses

Self-Esteem Problems




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Grief and Loss

LGBTQ issues


Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

Anger Management


Couple Issues 

Family Conflict

Finding Meaning in Life

Spiritual Enlightenment



Breaking Limiting Thinking Patterns

How to be your Authentic Self

Authentic Communication 

Conflict Resolution

Living in the Now and Freeing Yourself of Fears

How to Navigate Through a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening vs. Mental Heath Issue

The Dark Night of the Soul

Losing the Ego



Energy Healing to Remove Blockages

Chakra Balancing

High Vibrational Energy

Spiritual Laws and Practices

Ways to connect to the universe/higher power


Combined session with Ana and Lisa (insurance can be utilized)  $200 

Individual sessions for Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing $120

Psychotherapy $150 (or negotiated insurance rate)

Insurance accepted 

Blue Cross Blue Shield 

United Health Care 

Out of network benefits will apply for other insurance companies

Reduced fee available on limited basis  

All sessions are approximately one hour 

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